Here are some books that got me on my way to financial independence and more.  This page will be updated as I read more. Almost all of the books are also available as an audiobook as well.

The first book I read on finances. This book is specifically geared towards doctors but will apply to anyone interested in learning about finances. A must read and great introduction to the topic.

Every high earning female professional needs to read this, especially those that are also the primary breadwinner. Farnoosh also has a great podcast.

This is a “mindset” book about how millionaires think.

This is a handbook that explains investing products.

A great introduction on the topic of retirement planning.

Love this book. It’s a big thick book, but really explains the nitty gritty about saving for retirement.

loved this book. Some may find it preachy, but Sheryl eloquently tackles a topic that is often charged and mislabeled.

I had the pleasure of seeing Betsy Myers give a lecture at my health system. Her pearls on what makes a leader effective are timely.

*Please note that I do get a small commission for you purchasing these books via these links.